Discover the power of Cold Roll Extrusion from PCC Rollmet. See Cold Roll Extrusion in action.

PCC Rollmet is a leading manufacturer of cold worked and annealed pipe for the petrochemical, energy and defense industries. We provide precision thin wall seamless cylindrical shapes, pipes and tubes across a wide range of materials, including nickel alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, and ferritic alloy.

PCC Rollmet has pioneered our unique Cold Roll Extrusion process to manufacture precision thin wall tubes under 0.75” thicknesses. Strengths of our cold roll extruded, solid-solution alloy pipes are greater than those of conventionally manufactured pipe and tube, due to the fine-grain size achieved through cold working and recrystallization.

View dramatized animations of our unique Cold Roll Extrusion processes.

Welcome to PCC Rollmet. Over 60 years of creative solutions producing seamless metal cylinders and assemblies.
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A leading manufacturer of precision thin-wall seamless nickel alloy and stainless steel pipes for the energy and petrochemical industries.

A leading fabricator of metallic motor cases and propulsion feed line assemblies for the aerospace/defense and space industries.

Cold worked and annealed seamless pipe achieved through PCC Rollmet’s Cold Roll Extrusion process.

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