PCC Rollmet. A leading fabricator of metallic motor cases and propulsion feed line assembly for the aerospace/defense and space industries.

Since the inception of the Space Shuttle Program, PCC Rollmet has been involved in the development and manufacture of Man-Rated Space Products. In addition to this successful NASA experience, PCC Rollmet has entered the Commercial Satellite Launch Industry producing space flight hardware for emerging cost competitive launch applications.

PCC Rollmet has been a leader in the development and manufacture of Defense and Missile related products since the 1960’s. Our years of experience combined with state-of-the-art capabilities enable us to transform raw materials to high level Defense/Missile assemblies.

Manufacturing Capabilities Current and Recent Programs Current and Recent Customers

Precision Cold Roll Extrusion

Precision Machining

Electron Beam Welding

TIG Welding

Conventional Welding Up To 34 Ft

Hydro Testing

Gantry Type Heat Treating





Unique Component Assembly Techniques

Design and Development Support

MK 104 Rocket Motor Cases

MK 72 Booster Cases

MK 72 Aft Closures

MK 114 Booster Cases

MK 112 Booster Cases

SSST (GQM-163A Coyote) Supersonic Sea Skimming Target

GEM-T Patriot Rocket Motor Cases and Forward Nozzle Bodies

Tactical Tomahawk – Launch Canisters and Capsules

T3 Development

Delta IV External Fuel Duct Assemblies

Navy Nuclear Piping Products

Aerojet Rocketdyne

United Launch Alliance

AAR Summa Technologies

Huntington Ingalls – Newport News Shipbuilding

General Dynamics

Alliant Tech Systems

Raytheon Missile Systems

Lockheed Martin

The Boeing Company

Aerospace Products Defense • Missile


PCC Rollmet’s unique Cold Roll Extrusion techniques provide Aerospace assemblies an advantage over conventional manufacturing methods.

PCC Rollmet’s unique Cold Roll Extrusion techniques provide Defense and Missile assemblies advantages over conventional manufacturing methods.

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